Ystrad Mynach

It is important to refer to the maps when visiting Club beats, many of which are not signed at present although signs will be erected where possible later in 2021.

These three beats are situated in Ystrad Mynach and are some of our original beats
The permanent  fish species present are brown trout, grayling, eels and bull heads.
A  maximum 2 brown trout of 13 inches or more may be taken in each session.
Salmon and sea trout are also periodically present but must be returned if caught.
The season for this beat is 3rd March – 30th September.
Permitted baits are fly, worm or spinner

Location & parking

These beats are situated upstream and downstream of Royal Oak Bridge – local postcode CF82 7ED.
Looking upstream from the bridge there is a beat (east bank only) that extends from the boundary of Shappells dancing school to the Tesco road bridge.

Looking downstream from the bridge there is a beat (east bank only) that extends from the road bridge to the boundary of the dog track.

There is a further beat (west bank only) which is situated within the grounds of the new hospital

Parking for 4 cars is allowed in the staff car park of the hospital which is situated on the right of the access road after entering the site.

Other local parking is available locally at various locations around the village


  • Brown Trout
  • Bull heads
  • Eel
  • Grayling
  • Salmon
  • Sea Trout