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About Royal Oak Angling Club

Royal Oak Angling Club was originally set up in the early seventies by the then landlord of the Royal Oak Pub in Ystrad Mynach, Mr Bernard Murphy , and other keen fly fishermen.

The membership of the Club is open both to locals and non locals from as far afield as Neath and Brecon.

To get details of joining the club go to the Membership page or get in touch.

Our objectives are:

To monitor the health of the River Rhymney and ensure that any pollution is reported to NRW and Welsh Water.

  1. To ensure that as much of the river as possible remains accessible to our members where we have the fishing rights.
  2. To encourage people to become a member of the fishing club regardless of their  age, religion or belief.
  3. To make local people aware of the diverse wildlife along the river such as kingfishers, otters, herons and migratory water birds.

Club history

Royal Oak Angling Club was originally set up in the early seventies by the then landlord of the Royal Oak Pub in Ystrad Mynach, Mr Bernard Murphy , and other keen fly fishermen.

The extent of the Club waters has varied over time.

Originally the Club could only fish the Rhymney at Tiryberth and Ystrad Mynach and  a small section of the River Usk at Brecon then following the reclamation of Penallta colliery we acquired joint fishing rights with 5 other Clubs to fish 2 small coarse ponds in Penallta Park.

In 2014 we acquired fishing licences for an additional section of the Rhymney at Llanbradach and for a section of the River Ely at Cardiff as well as Cardiff bay but due to lack of interest we gave up the River Ely and Cardiff bay licences in 2018.

Following the demise of Llanbradach Angling Club protracted negotiations with the Council culminated in 2021 in the acquisition of 6 new beats in Llanbradach and Caerphilly although early in 2021 we lost our licence in Brecon.

  • 1970
    Royal Oak Angling Club Ystrad Mynach Founded 1970
  • 2007
    Acquisition of joint fishing rights to fish 2 small coarse ponds in Penallta Park.
  • 2014
    Acquisition of fishing licences for River Ely at Cardiff and Cardiff bay
  • 2018
    Cardiff Bay and River Ely licences relinquished
  • 2021
    Acquisition of 6 new beats in Llanbradach and Caerphilly

The Committee

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

01443 816750 / stjacko@outlook.com


Nathan GittingsFlat 27 Commercial StreetYstrad MynachCF82 7DWTelephone Number 07484104968E mail address Nathan.Gittings@icloud.com

Kyle Cheshire

Kyle Cheshire

07527966591 / djchesh88@gmail.com
Jeff Crump

Jeff Crump

01443813062 / jhcrump80@gmail.com
Dave Cross

Dave Cross

01443 451198 / davepatcross13@btinternet.com


Flat 27 Commercial Street
Ystrad Mynach
CF82 7DW


Mobile: 07484104968



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Privacy Policy

This following statement refers to new Data Protection law ( GDPR) Privacy Notice The Royal Oak Angling Club is a data controller for the purposes of GDPR and the Club Secretary is tasked with dealing with membership or personal data. We process personal data necessary to administer our membership records and provide services and benefits to members as a recreational angling club. The Data processed by the Club includes the Name and Address of each member and whether they are Juniors (under 16 years of age), Seniors ( 16 – 64 years of age) or OAP’s (65 + years of age). Other information such as phone numbers and E.Mail addresses are also gathered in some cases to assist the smooth running of the Club. All Data is solely handled by the Club Secretary All Club members have the right to: 1. See their personal data and the right to be provided with a copy free of charge. 2. The right to erasure of their personal data. 3. Where consent is being relied on for the processing of the data, a right to withdraw that consent. 4. to ask for personal data to be restricted in how it is processed or to cease processing it in a particular way. Most Data will be held for a maximum of 5 years although Data relating to long standing or Committee members may be held for longer if required to ensure the smooth running of the Club. If individual members feel that there are problems regarding the Clubs implementation of GDPR which he or she can’t resolve with the Club further information can be sought by referring to the information commissioner at www.ico.org.uk.

Privacy statement Data Protection We need your personal data in order to maintain the efficient running of the Club. We will not supply your personal data to any third party without your consent. Please contact the Secretary (harleyvan1@gmail.com) for full details of how we process personal data or if you need further information about your rights as a data subject. This statement will now be included in future membership forms and on any other form which record personal data, for example entry forms for competitions or working parties. Where a members consent is required it will be obtained through a positive affirming act either by signature or ticking a box..

Safety Policy

Royal Oak Angling Club Health and safety policy – 2022
Policy Statement
Royal Oak Angling Club (from now on will be referred to as Royal Oak AC) is committed to
ensuring that it will do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent injury and protect
property. We will have due regard for protecting all other people who come into contact
with the Club’s activities.
When dealing with health and safety issues officials, members and volunteers carrying out
activities have a clear understanding of the need to operate within the context of this
policy and arrangements.
Officials, members and volunteers involved in events or work parties will take all
reasonable steps to safeguard all those taking part in activities and those who may be
affected by them
Royal Oak AC will cooperate with other organisations (landowners etc.) to ensure risks are
properly controlled.
Health and Safety Arrangements
Duty of Care
Royal Oak AC requires that all people involved in organising activities, work parties and
day to day management consider the consequences of their acts and omissions and
ensure that those acts and/or omissions do not give rise to a foreseeable risk of injury to
any other person.
Risk Assessment
Royal Oak AC will ensure that suitable risk assessments are in place and the results of the
assessments are implemented for any activities carried out on behalf of the Club. The aim
of a risk assessment is to avoid harm and promote the health, safety and welfare of all
involved or who may be affected by an activity (work or leisure). As members of Royal
Oak AC administrators and event organisers have not only a moral but also a legal
responsibility to ensure that club activities and any organised events are as safe as
practicably possible. Risk assessments will be carried out for each new activity with a view
to minimising risk as well as reducing the likelihood of accidents happening; in the event
of an accident it will also reduce the chance of serious injury or ill health.
Risk Assessment procedures require that the Assessors have considered:
• Hazards – anything that has potential to cause harm.
• Who could be affected.
• Measures already in place and actions to mitigate risk– to avoid possible
• Risk – the likelihood that something could happen, on a scale of ‘high’,
‘medium’, ‘low’.
• Further actions – what more can be reasonably done to reduce the
likelihood of an accident happening.
Risk Assessments will be completed and signed by a responsible person and will be
published on the Royal Oak AC Facebook page All members are required to read it and
observe the implications of it.
Key Responsibilities
Person in charge (eg. Chairman)
• Ensure this policy is adhered to.
• Ensure risk assessments have been carried out.
• Brief other officials/participants on all matters relating to organisational
activities, especially risk management and allocation of equipment and resources.
Officials and Organisers
Club officials, administrators and/or organisers (persons in charge of a work activity or
events) are primarily responsible for ensuring safety is properly managed. He/she has the
responsibility to undertake all measures available to ensure the safety and well-being of
all persons taking part in an activity/event and those who could be affected by the event.
The success of an activity/event depends on effective management. The event organiser
must ensure that there is effective:
• Planning
• Delegation
• Resources allocation (people and equipment)
• Decision-making
• Clear (and effective) communication
Responsibilities of volunteers
• Turn up at venue in sufficient time to prepare for the event/activity
• Attend briefing (and debriefing)
• Carry out allocated duties in an appropriate manner
Incident Reporting Procedure
In the event of an incident or accident involving personal injury the following procedures
must be followed:
• All injuries other than minor cuts or abrasions should be reported to a Club
official for recording in the Club’s Accident Book which is held by the Secretary. It is
a requirement that both the injured party and the responsible person subsequently
sign the Accident Book to confirm and provide signed written statements outlining
details of the particular incident as soon as practically possible.
Duty of Care.
Part of the commitment to safety on the bank the Club is obliged to produce guidance for
the Club member so as to bring attention to the possible dangers or threats encountered
when angling. Members would do well to read this document on the link below and bear
its contents in mind.