Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

The Royal Oak Angling Club is a data controller for the purposes of GDPR and the Club Secretary is tasked with dealing with membership or personal data.

We process personal data necessary to administer our membership records and provide services and benefits to members as a recreational angling club.

The Data processed by the Club includes the Name and Address of each member and whether they are Juniors (under 16 years of age), Seniors ( 16 – 64 years of age) or OAP’s (65 + years of age).

Other information such as phone numbers and E.Mail addresses are also gathered in some cases to assist the smooth running of the Club.

All Data is solely handled by the Club Secretary

All Club members have the right to:

  1. See their personal data and the right to be provided with a copy free of charge.
  2. The right to erasure of their personal data.
  3. Where consent is being relied on for the processing of the data, a right to withdraw that consent.
  4. to ask for personal data to be restricted in how it is processed or to cease processing it in a particular way.

Most Data will be held for a maximum of 5 years although Data relating to long standing or Committee members may be held for longer if required to ensure the smooth running of the Club.

If individual members feel that there are problems regarding the Clubs implementation of GDPR which he or she can’t resolve with the Club further information can be sought by referring to the information commissioner at

Privacy statement – Data Protection

We need your personal data in order to maintain the efficient running of the Club. We will not supply your personal data to any third party without your consent. Please contact the Secretary ( for full details of how we process personal data or if you need further information about your rights as a data subject.

This statement will now be included in future membership forms and on any other form which record personal data, for example entry forms for competitions or working parties. Where a members consent is required it will be obtained through a positive affirming act either by signature or ticking a box..